I’m going to start posting again it’d be cool if one or two of you guys would check it out sometime I guess 

Blogger to Tumblr

Does anybody know a way I can set up my blogger so that whenever I post, it also automatically post to tumblr?

16 going on 17 
June 21, my favorite day of the year :)

This is going to post after midnight, but in the mean time before the clock strikes 12, I’ve been reflecting on how the year has been for me.


16 is the age that every girl wants to reach, simply because she gets her “Sweet Sixteen. “- Thank you MTV for getting every 90’s girl hopes up, only to realize the harsh reality that our parents aren’t stupid enough to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a birthday party for their teenage daughter.
In my state, you can get your driver’s license when you turn sixteen as long as you’ve had your learner’s permit for at lest one year. I wasn’t able to get my driver’s license until the November after my sixteenth birthday.
My parents were nice enough to let me drive the BMW X5 we have as my first car, and I was so thankful for that. A new driver should be driving some beat up used car, but I got to drive our perfect BMW. I feel like I’ve matured much more ever since I got my driver’s license. I run around and do my errands, and my parent’s errands all the time, and I opened up a bank account, now I’m handling my own money.
It’s just sad to think that I’m growing up. I don’t like. I don’t want to have to face responsibilities yet. Just next fall I’m going to be applying to colleges. I’m excited yet terrified at the same time. I’ve been looking at colleges since freshman year of high school, and now it’s finally the time I choose and they choose me. (I’ll post about colleges later, I’ll ramble on forever about it).

University of Southern California

I’m really pissed at myself though, that I lost little to no weight this past year. Another year wasted. It’s starting to get pathetic, and I’m losing hope. I’m happy with my face, but my body just needs to not be like this anymore. I can’t tell if I purged more or less this year, but I purged quite often, which is probably a really bad idea, but I have no choice.


I had a good year though, I got closer to some friends, drifted away and fought with some, and understood more about the world and myself. I did well in school, and was good to my parents. Would I redo the year over if I had the chance? Yes. I would’ve taken up a job when I stopped working for my parents, I would’ve joined more clubs and community service, and I would’ve tried harder in school, but I don’t regret anything this past year. I’m happy with how it all turned out to be. Hopefully 17 will be just as good. Now I can’t wait to get to 18.